Its about Building Relationships


I see and hear it all to often, the misconception that a logo and business card equates to a brand.

Absolutely not… a logo is simply an identification symbol for your business, the visual element that people can identify you by.

Branding put simply… is your communication channel… its every interaction, message, or design that you put out for others to see, hear or experience, and how you are perceived in return.

The purpose being, to create emotional bonds with consumers / clients, creating a connection and forming great and successful relationships. Once this is achieved, you’ve got an advocate, they know what they are going to get each and every time they make contact with your business. They’ll keep coming back.

This is the essence of branding.

In my role as a brand strategist, this is the message i convey to my clients, its an on-going process and you have to continually work at it. Building strong relationships takes time. You have to form trust and an understanding.

Its ironic, to me at least, that this is exactly a process that I am undertaking myself, in looking to grow my business. When i started Watershed Creative, i cast my net far and wide in the expectation that i would catch all these ‘fish’! But it didn’t work, because i was meeting too many people and not really getting to know them, i (we) were skimming across the surface. All that meant was, i was spending a lot of time meeting people who i would never see or meet again.

Instead of building depth in relationships with key individuals, understanding how we could work together to grow each others business… to meet like minded people on the same path to success, doing it with integrity and enthusiasm.

It was a hard lesson learned. The focus then became to connect with people who i had a good ‘gut’ feel about and spent the time to catch up with them regularly, and build great relationship built on trust and understanding. This strategy simply pays off. I have surrounded myself with some very cool people, who generally care and are in my corner.

One such individual is Edward Zia, an awesome marketing mentor, who has helped me immensely over the past couple of years. Cool guy, total enthusiasm and passion for what he does, and what he can do for others. He’s given advice where needed and is always available for a chat.

So, when i saw a blog post (view link here on Ed’s website about ‘yours truly’ i was blown away. That Edward would think highly enough of me to take the time to write an article, was certainly appreciated, but additionally it indicated the strength of our working partnership. Ed knows better than most… drive depth in referral partners and the work will come. Check out his blog and you will see and read about a number of people that enjoy the benefits of such relationships.

Thanks Ed for the kind words.

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