Branding & Identity


What you stand for and how
you communicate to your
target market.

How do you want to be perceived?

Its a global economy and people are open to many more options to consider when it comes to the purchasing decision. To succeed, your brand will need to build an organisation-wide, customer first culture where the customer needs are consistently met, brand promises are kept, and every touchpoint throughout the customer journey delivers a positive experience, that in turn they want to talk about and share with their network.

Branding is The Big Picture. It encompasses all aspects of a company, internally and externally and continually informs all decision making. It’s your reputation, your personality, the promises you make, the expectations people have about you before they do business with you and the experiences they have when they do.

It’s every interaction, message and design you put out there – that others see, hear or experience – and how you are perceived in return.

Needless to say, it’s vital to get it right, and in a continually evolving business landscape, vital that it stays right.

Is now the time to develop a new brand identity? Is it time to build on what you already have? We can bring you up to date, help you stand out from the crowd and deliver the results you’re after.

As a full-service brand and marketing agency, we make it our business to fully understand your brand and how it communicates with your audiences.


How branding adds to the bottom line of your business.

10 steps that will ensure your brand… and in turn your business thrives:

1/ strategise from the start – create and understand the set of values you will live by and the value proposition that makes you different.

2/ whats the purpose – what gets you to open the doors everyday?. Why are you in business and why do your customers and prospects care.

3/ do your research – understand the personality of your brand and then find out what your customers and prospects think. Dont think that you know… ask.

4/ know the expectations of your customers – gauge what they expect from you on a day to day basis. don’t assume, have the conversation.

5/ check the competition – aim to be different. be decisive and change it up, purposefully make sure you create a brand that sets you apart with differentiation and uniqueness.

6/ don’t rely on the logo alone – while the logo is the central element that holds the brand together and makes it instantly recognisable, don’t rely on it alone.

7/ your brand is so much more than simply the logo – so ensure you always consider the bigger picture and how all elements and design interact with one another.

8/ don’t ignore the client – your database is your goldmine. keep in regular contact with clients and care for their needs and wants. Staying front of mind is critical.

9/ exercise restraint – when designing marketing collateral. white space is good! don’t feel the need to cram every corner with design or information. De-clutter, it makes your message stronger.

10/ spot whats special – what is special about your business, products or service. Identify it and go to market with it backed by clear communication.

Service Overview – what’s possible.

// Brand assessment
// Brand design audit
// Market research
// Brand development
// Brand architecture
// Vision, mission, core value statements
// Brand strategy – where you will be seen
// Brand guidelines
// Naming – companies / products
// Trademarks







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