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Engineering Action.

CWR Group implements key infrastructure
projects for clients who have limited time and
resources to oversee these projects themselves.
Providing a professional project management
component, CWR Group will see a project through
from start to finish, getting the job done effectively
and efficiently… for the absolute best result.

CWR Group undertakes restoration and project management of public infrastructure assets. Our task was to design and build an engaging and relevant brand platform that promotes CWR Group as an effective, consistent and reliable company. To allow current and prospective clients to understand their outlook and approach to providing effective advice and quality assurance. To communicate how they, as a business, interpret the importance of building strong relationships with key partners through well managed and productive liaison with trades and contractors alike… ensuring projects are delivered on time and on budget.

Communicating the expertise, professionalism and integrity demonstrated throughout the business and its operations, to key stakeholders, whilst applying with consistency, all communications and brand elements that make up and represent the company to its target audiences.


Positioning Statement:
Visualise… plan it / Actualise… make it happen  / Realise… appreciate it.
– Expertise and value in alleviating the pain felt by councils, government agencies and utilities who are time poor and under resourced to effectively project manage infrastructure initiatives. Yet there’s pressure to get it done. They’ve got to meet the needs and expectations of their constituents.
– They want someone to step in and take the stress away, take the reigns from start to finish, making their life easier and freeing them up with more time.
Value Proposition:
Engineering Action.
– Engineering partnerships, precision, change and improvement on… engineering projects.
– Action of developing change, working artfully to bring about something… taking action through the design and construction process.
– Proactive, organised and consistent with the end goal in focus. Project management delivered with loads of energy and vitality from beginning to end.
– Bring perspective and clarity to all undertaken projects.


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