Win, With Savvy Solutions

Metis Law is a boutique commercial law firm
specialising in mergers & acquisitions, privacy law
and business contracts. As a law firm with a fresh
take on how commercial law should be undertaken,
they required a new name and brand that would
better reflect their purpose and vision.

The brief required the development of an identity that encapsulated the essence of the firm, whilst maintaining a simple, modern, minimalist, yet elegant aesthetic. In effect step away from the typical colours, icons and typefaces that contributed to the ‘sameness’ that is generally representative of the law profession.

The key take-aways and information from our initial workshop: > Metis = Greek Goddess of wisdom, council and deep thought. > Specialist areas of the firm = Mergers & Acquisitions, Privacy Law and Business Contracts. > Essence of Metis Law = Savvy, Passionate and Honest.

A pattern started to emerge with 3’s and when paired with the all encompassing focus and due diligence that Metis put into their client engagement, we started exploring how we could pull these key elements together to create a strong brandmark. One option explored was rings… which when developed further lead to the final, approved result. The structure of the icon also communicates an abstract image of an owl… a creature known as a wise, overseeing being. Additionally, the ancient Greeks saw the owl as a symbol of status, intelligence and wealth, which is a perfect association to the firm. This all tied in nicely to the overall brand and the firms promise to its market.



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