Afford yourself the Splendor!

Launching creative fashion designer Nina Koval
into the Australian market. Showcasing the
visual inspiration of Nina’s unique style and
classy approach to bridal fashion, bringing
European design, creativity and innovation to
the reach of Australian women.

Classic European styled bridal gowns, showcasing elegance and styling on your wedding day. Convenient access to exclusive and customised dress designs at extremely competitive prices. Paying respect to the customers needs, desires and trends of world fashion.
The Goal
To design and build an engaging brand platform that promotes Nina Koval as a creative, unique and detailed designer of fashion wear. To allow the audience to understand Nina’s outlook and approach to fashion and how she interprets the importance of creating the perfect gown, dress or collection for the wedding day.
To connect with a defined target audience; women late teens to early thirties with the message of accessibility and differentiation. That they too can experience the enjoyment and excitement of wearing an unique and eloquent piece, along with outfitting bridesmaids with fashion focused dresses for competitive pricing. Dress design and silhouette reflected in quality, individuality, comfort, elegance and originality of style.



Nina Koval is an established fashion designer, experienced across the fashion sector of clothing and accessories with an existing and detailed portfolio of work. Recognised in her native Ukraine, and within the Russian market, for her original and exclusive collection and bridal and wedding wear. It is this area of design that is the main focal point for Nina.
Nina looked to launch her inspiration and insights into the Australian market, to bring a different interpretation to what wedding design and creation can and should be.

With the Australian market being quite different from those of Europe, it was important to understand the target market and what their desires and wants were when searching for and purchasing bridal wear. Additionally, with little awareness of Nina Koval and her expertise within this local market, it was imperative to determine and define a unique selling proposition, a key area of the business that set it apart from opposition offerings, and allowed it to sit within a niche’ space that others could’nt lay claim to. An area that would be focused on and marketed as a point of differentiation, in what is a competitive industry sector… whether it be other independent outlets, exclusive bridal wear couture companies or internet bridal shops and mail order companies… both onshore and offshore.


The big idea = The articulation of a central thought or promise that binds all of the smaller ideas together. It encapsulates the brand benefits and is the foundation for everything that follows.

‘afford yourself the splendor’.

afford – as in its attainable, within reach; yourself – as in you, you will be the star; splendor – as in your day, this grand and magnificent occasion where you get to be special and basque in the attention that will be afforded you.
Bold and progressive with a sense of vibrancy.
Young and stylish with a European attitude that is alluring, cool, sexy and fashionable.

Fresh, inspiring and relevant with a keen confidence in its ability to make any bride stand out and shine on the special day.












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