A brand is your communication channel


Putting it simply… that’s what a brand is, its your communication channel. Its how you connect with the outside world.

Often I find that branding, its definition and its purpose, is delivered in a confusing way. There are so many phrases, concepts and jargon associated with the process of creating brands that people, and companies who have the best intentions of creating a solid brand of their own, end up very confused as to what its all about. Thus, its tough to take the first step and make a decision to under-go a brand review because often there is uncertainty about where to start or what it entails. Many get scared off by the prospect.

But I find the above statement pretty much says it all… every interaction, message or design that a business projects outwards is a communication – others get to view, hear or experience that communication – and this, in essence is the brand. Its how you are perceived through what you communicate in every aspect of a business. Its up to each individual company to determine how these communications will be delivered to the outside world.

Its simply putting together an identity system that allows you to express who you are, what you do and what you want your target market to know, with consistency across all utilised marketing channels.

Yes, the structure of creating a brand itself cuts deeper and involves a number of key elements, because a brand that is effective has to have a real understanding of the market that it is targeting, the company that it is representing and the value that its communicating. At the end of the day… its expressing yourself and what you offer over and above everyone else out their vying for the same market share.

One thing is for certain… a clear, concise and relevant brand will definitely elevate a business and its presence in the market.

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