Goods Intact.

Everything you need to pack it safely and securely.
That’s the brand promise of UPAC, a company
that doesn’t see its products as commodity items.
In packaging they hold real value, because the
sole purpose of packaging is simply to get a
product delivered from point A to point B, intact. 


UPAC provides packaging solutions and advisory services to businesses, helping to create and deliver the most appropriate packaging solutions for their customer base.

UPAC recognised a need to evaluate its presence within the market. Although a successful business with a proud history, they wanted to take their company to the next level, to differentiate and stand out in crowded workspace. It was important to establish a vision and values that resonated with all involved within the business but most importantly, reposition themselves in an industry that had become overly focused on price discounting, to the point where value in packaging had become diminished, not only within the industry, but in the eyes of the public.

Many of UPAC’s competitors positioned and marketed themselves based on price propositions, in essence treating their products as commodity items, throw away products without value. We argued that packaging goods are actually much more… here’s the thing, in packaging they hold real value, because the sole purpose of packaging is simply to deliver the goods intact to your intended recipient. People want to get goods from point A to point B without damage, and they want peace of mind whilst doing it. And thats got to be worth something.

Based on this concept, we developed a strong and resiliant identity.

Positioning Statement:
Provider of expert advice with best value guaranteed.
It sums up the fact that UPAC handles whatever is required to make the move, store the product or transport the goods.

Proposition: Goods Intact
“This is the guiding principle that defines our brand and drives our activities.  Its what makes UPAC distinctive and is the starting point for all our visual communications”.

Bold and progressive with a focus on delivering value. A genuine ‘can do’ attitude delivered with loads of energy and vitality. Here to assist!

BEFORE – previous brand collateral



AFTER – New brand roll-out




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