‘X’treme Fitness

Bringing the energy and intensity of
professional sports to the market. Want
to get ‘real’ fit and committed to training
the right and dedicated way? To feel what
its like to be a professional athlete? Then
introduce yourself to Willpower H&P! 

Willpower Health and Fitness is the brainchild of Willie Talau, a former professional Rugby League player who has played at the highest level of the game, including the Australian NRL (considered the toughest rugby league competition in the world) and the English Superleague, as well as doning the national jerseys of the New Zealand Kiwi’s and Samoa. Its a career that spanned 1998 through to 2010.
Willie has made the transition from the sporting field to the gym, having become a successful personal trainer.
Willie approached us to brand a new high performance acedemy that he is launching, dedicated predominiately to training and supporting semi-pro and professional atheletes during their off-season.

The brief was quite simple… a bold and strong identity that incorporated elements that were important to the client… the utilisation of the initials WHF, representation of his Rugby League career, a ‘shout out’ to his heritage, as well as utilisation of the colour orange.


Willpower Health and Fitness: the logo forms around the stylised letters of W, H & F, the key initials of the company name. The W is most prominent with the H & F forming off each side of the W, smaller yet with that same scale and stroke weights. 
Rugby League V: Rugby League teams generally wear jerseys that incorporate a large ‘V’ on the front. It forms part of the tradition of the game that dates back to its earliest years and is often a means of distinguishing League jerseys from those of other codes.
Shield: As well as representing the coat of arms emblem of his native Samoa, the shield also represents Rugby League as a strong, physical and fast game that requires determination, passion and skill in order to succeed. It is often associated with going into battle, getting down in the trenches and fighting hard for your ‘mates’. The shield symbol itself represents strength, protection, defence and integrity. All key elements within the game itself.
V… for victory… the purpose and goal of sports and life in general… to win and enjoy a better lifestyle… mentally, physically and to enjoy it comfortably.

Willpower Health and Fitness offers possibilities associated with a better life by developing a stronger body and mind, vitality and confidence that translates into victory, and through association, being a winner!











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